Last Updated Date: 03 April,2020


Scrapabill take all legal issues and concerns seriously. We have a team of dedicated and experienced legal professionals (attorneys, lawyers or solicitors) that handles all issues relating to our services, law enforcement, legal counsel, regulatory compliance, and website functionality.

01. Website Misuse

If you have website issues concerning your account or any other general issue, please email us at: [email protected] If you wish to have a bill, ad, or listing removed and profile suspended for fraudulent or untrustworthy behavior, complete our contact us form and provide details through our message box.

02. Legal Matters

The following legal issues must be submitted along with details and relevant information via our contact us page. The subject of the issue must be included in your email as shown herein:
Dissatisfied member
Copyright and patent issues
Discrimination and harassment
Law enforcement and court-order subpoena
Regulatory bodies, licensing and compliance
Disgruntled employee/independent contractor
All legal issues, litigation and civil court orders must be properly served. Scrapabill will not respond to emails or any similar type of litigation, civil court order or subpoena online.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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