Who We Are

Scrapabill was founded in Canada when the cost of living in Vancouver was very high. With the rise in online services, retail stores are striving to generate revenue while faced with unending piles of operating expenses. Scrapabill offers the following benefits to eliminate some of these issues:
  • Global social network
  • Shared advertising revenue to pay bills
  • Provision of online business development.
  • Legal shield and protection for Americans
  • Privileges and rewards through its global business network.
We believe that a specific number of followers can be systematically calculated to pay bills and cover living expenses through advertising payments collected from businesses and individuals who are also part and beneficiaries of the network. Scrapabill advertising main revenue stream is generously shared with members to ease their financial burden.
To achieve our corporate mission and vision statement, Scrapabill verifies the identities of members to promote a safe and secure advertising environment. We follow a strict and structured Anti-Money laundering (AML) policy in the transfer of funds to our members around the world to pay their endless bills. Scrapabill advisory board members come from different cultures and backgrounds with leadership skills and qualifications in business, technology, law, and financial services.
Mission Statement
Scrapabill's mission is to provide people with social network services that ease financial burdens through a mutual connection and cooperation among members to share advertising payments.
Our Vision
Our vision is to become a unique brand that helps millions of people around the world raise funds consistently to pay bills and cover their living expenses through advertising.

Our Motto

Bills paid together makes life easier

Core Values

Our core values consist of each alphabet found in our distinctive corporate name and trademark- SCRAPABILL

Our Belief

  • Bills paid together makes life easier.
  • Regular bills are endless as long as we live.
  • Diversity makes people stronger and powerful.
  • Every family has living expenses and bills to pay.
  • Social media has made the world a small place to live.
  • Loyal customers and followers make a business grow.
  • Overdue and unpaid bills can cause anxiety and stress.
  • Consumers are attracted to true benefits and rewards.
  • A business makes money when profits surpass expenses.
  • Income goes toward paying bills first before anything else.
  • Affordable advertising can still produce the desired results.
  • Over 5 billion consumers worldwide subscribe to paid services.
  • Partnerships, licensing and franchising are good for business expansion.

Why We Exist

We are established to ease the financial burden of groups of people.


We give families money to pay bills and cover their living expenses with paid advertising funds.

Consumers and Shoppers

We help consumers save money and enjoy special rewards through Scrapabill global business network.


We help students get money to cover their school fees and pay off student loans.


We assist travelers to raise funds for a vacation to destination of choice and cover all expenses along the way.


We help workers and their families get funding for legal protection, auto, medical and life insurance.

Home Owners

Homeowners and real estate investors can cover their mortgage payments, maintenance and strata fees through regular advertising funds.


We offer entrepreneurs and business owners the care cash to grow and cover operational expenses.

Parents and Legal Guardians

Parents can raise money to take care of their loved ones.


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